Fusion V Systems

Workforce Planning

What do you think of when you hear someone talking about workforce planning? For many they start to think of the ways to allocate their resources to get the most out of their business. But, there is much more to it than that. I’m talking about future workforce planning; not resource management. We’re not simply moving a few people there and adding a few here, but rather projecting where the business will...

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Facing Generational and Gender Challenges

While for some this may be a difficult topic to openly discuss, this is a conversation worth having. Generational and gender challenges are in every workplace and every employee is affected by it. Many companies struggle with how to understand these differences impact their culture. What most are really missing, though, is how to take advantage of these changes to give them a competitive edge. Each brings a different kind of value...

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Choosing the BEST People Related Software

For the most part companies are behind the times when it comes to HR related software solutions. Typically money is spent on other systems such as finance, procurement and other operational systems, but time and time again HR gets the boot. We talked before about people being our most valuable asset, and how they can also be the most costly. So why wouldn’t you, then, invest in the...

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