The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

Real. Simple. Results.

Rainee Busby is a professionally trained and Certified EOS® Implementer who utilizes this proven system to ensure the organizations we partner with are getting the most out of their business. It’s called the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS which is built on a solid 6-component model, a structured implementation process, and a toolbox of valuable templates and tools. When combining EOS with years of proven expertise from your implementer/advisor, the results are fast, effective and sustainable!

Rainee Introduces EOS

The EOS approach has three guiding elements of success: Vision, Traction®, and Healthy.


Clarity of the business’s vision both short and long-term is instrumental for any business’s success. Everyone in the organization should be crystal clear on where you are going and how you will get there. Most importantly, they should also know how they will contribute to achieving that vision.


One of the biggest challenge for any business is their ability to execute on their vision. It’s easy to dream up your future. The hard part is making it a reality. Execution skills are critical for a leadership team to bring the vision into reality. We prepare your leaders to deliver on the vision through discipline, accountability, and data.


Having a healthy culture is instrumental in every company’s success. Getting the entire organization open and honest with the willingness to be vulnerable are unique characteristics of the most successful companies. Once people learn to work together in a healthy fashion everyone is happier and more productive.

The EOS approach utilizes three elements: the EOS Model, the EOS Toolbox and the EOS Process.

Icon EOS Toolbox Model

EOS Model 

The EOS Model helps to segment your business into 6 key components which simplify the way you approach running a business and sets the context for becoming a great company.

Icon Toolbox Process EOS

EOS Process

The EOS Process is our proven method to implement the EOS Model and apply the right tools at the right time to get you the results you desire.

EOS Process Toolbox

EOS Toolbox

The EOS Toolbox contains a complete set of simple tools you can use to strengthen each component of your business. Everything you need in one place.

  • EOS was the catalyst for one of the most remarkable changes in my company. My Leadership Team has integrated the EOS tools into our everyday work habits. Our vision is clear, strategies are well executed and communicated to all. EOS taught my Leadership Team how to plan, act and communicate in a system that is easy for all to adopt and follow. Within the first year of integrating EOS, my company was able to achieve a record revenue growth of 87% over the prior year.

    Randy Pruitt
    Randy Pruitt
    Randall Industries, Inc
  • The EOS Process has allowed our management team to grow more trusting of each other, be more efficient and navigate through tough issues quickly. It has been less than a year since we have rolled it out to all of our team members. They are enthusiastic about the changes that have been brought forth. I have entrusted this journey to the point that I am taking a two month sabbatical. Without the growth over the last 18 months of the organization, I know this decision would never have been made possible!

    Sean Ross
    Sean Ross
    PackSmart, Inc
  • I had a well-run, profitable and growing business before we implemented EOS. Today, a year after implementation, we have supercharged the business. We now have clarity of responsibilities, problem-solving frameworks and the growth has been explosive… thank you for giving us the framework to really take off.

    Bob Verdun
    Bob Verdun
    Computerized Facility Integration, LLC
  • Five years ago we ended the year at $5,000,000 in revenue and a 3% net loss. Things weren’t awful, but we definitely wanted to do better, so we implemented EOS. It felt a little awkward at first, but as we began to master the system, things became simpler and everything began to work better. As a result, we ended the next year at $7,500,000 with a 6% net profit! The whole leadership team is so much more confident about the future now, and we’ve never been so unified as a team. I guess the big WOW! in all of this is knowing that our dreams are attainable. We’re on pace to close out this year at $18,000,000 with a nice profit. EOS works.

    Steve Spiech
    Steve Spiech
    Spiech Farms
  • The EOS tools work. They really help us stay consistent and focused on our vision. The principles have helped me build a solid leadership team, crystallize our plan, and create the discipline to take the organization to the next level.

    Sam Simon
    Sam Simon
    Atlas Oil Company

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