EOS Process

We leverage an iterative learning process that spreads the implementation over time to ensure you grasp the full potential of EOS®. This is a proven way of helping you apply the right tools at the right time to get the results you want.

EOS Process Chart

90-Minute Meeting

This is the initial encounter you and your leadership team will have with the EOS model, process, and your expert implementer. During this time you will become familiar the EOS approach, get clear on what a great company looks like using EOS, and how you can use our tools to strengthen and grow your organization. This is the opportunity for you and your implementer to decide if EOS is the right business model for you. You have to be willing to change, empower your leaders, and want to grow your business. If not, this isn’t the right solution for you.

Focus Day Meeting

This is when the implementation actually begins. A key differentiator with EOS is that we start with learning execution skills first. Not a couple-day strategy planning event like other models that leaves you with a plan and limited skills to execute. We need to get the tools implemented immediately so you can start mastering your execution skills right away. Our goal will be to leave our first full-day session focused and clear on priorities for the next 60-75 days.

Our 1st Day Agenda:

  • What it means to “Hit the Ceiling” and the 5 leadership traits that can break through it.
  • What the best organizational structure looks like to support your growth over the next year.
  • How to be sure you’ve got the “right” people that fit your culture in the “right” job!
  • What are the most important Rocks (tasks) we need to accomplish in the next 60-75 days.
  • How to hold a highly effective, structured, and disciplined leadership meeting which includes how to identify, discuss, and solve issues once and for all!
  • What leading indicators/metrics are necessary to ensure the business is on track and moving forward.

As part of the iterative learning process, the leadership team will use their new skills and tools over the next 30 days before we move onto Vision Building Day 1 training.

Vision Building Day 1

On this day your team will start by sharpening their mastery of the tools you learned in Focus Day. The Focus Day tools are a critical part of your success and need to be mastered to be most effective.

We will then take our first look at the Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO ) tool which is a simple 2 page strategy document that enables you to consistently communicate your strategy to the organization. As a team you will define who you are, what’s your “why,” what you do, and where you are going. We will complete the first 3-4 sections before it’s time to wrap up for the day.

Rainee on Cost vs. Value

The 8 sections of the V/TO

  1. What are the Core Values we live by and require everyone else to embrace – our Culture!
  2. What is our Core Focus – what are we known for – passionate about?
  3. Creating a 10-Year Target to aim for.
  4. Capturing our marketing strategy – what makes us unique?
  5. Creating our 3-Year Picture – what will we look like then?
  6. Creating our 1-Year Plan – to make our 3-Year picture reality!
  7. Determining what we need to work on (Rocks) for the next quarter to ensure we achieve our 1-Year Plan.
  8. Collecting any long-term issues we want to keep for future quarters.

Once again, we will take another 30-day break so the leadership team can work on their goals (Rocks) while continuing to master the Focus Day tools. This learning method is proven to be the most effective way to implement the EOS model. Now on to Vision Building Day 2!

Vision Building Day 2

On Vision Building Day 2 we will once again walk through the Focus Day tools to perfect your skills and ensure you are close to mastery. We will then finalize any of the above Vision Building Day 1 items we didn’t finish in Day 1. By the end of the day, we will have fully implemented, with a complete 2-page strategy document that gives us exactly what we need to get everyone moving full steam ahead on executing our defined 1-year plan, 3-Year Picture, and 10-Year Target.

We then move you to a quarterly pulse, to so you can see the true value of using EOS to run your business. You will start to teach everyone about EOS and how it will help them to contribute to your growth. We will have about a 90-day gap between sessions. No worry though. Your implementer will be there to support you as needed, at no extra cost.

Quarterly Pulsing Session

Every 90 days the leadership team comes back together with their implementer to review the last quarter’s accomplishments and then craft the next quarter’s plans (new Rocks). All the time making sure we stay in sync with our 1-year plan. We’ll learn a new tool and get any key issues identified, discussed, and solved once and for all. Getting prepared for the next 90 days! Once a year you move into the annual planning stage. These 2 days are critical to your long-term success and your team health.

Annual Planning Session

Once a year, for 2 days, we move to a remote off-site location to spend quality time as a leadership team. This is the time when we build a healthier and stronger team. We perform the same tasks we did in our Quarterly session before we move into our annual activities. We assess how we did as a team and as an organization. We evaluate our opportunities to take advantage of and our weaknesses to resolve. Our annual session sets our focus to ensure we are prepared to take the next year by storm! We confirm our 1-year plan, verify our 3-Year Picture, and then start defining what needs to be done this next quarter. The leadership team is healthier, stronger, and more aligned than ever!

We then enter into our cadence – quarterly sessions (3) and then another annual or until you are ready to graduate which means you are at least 80% efficient in all The Six Key Components™ (Vision, People, Data, Issues, Processes and Traction) across the organization. You fully understand how to use the tools and you no longer need your implementer to help. Of course, we’ll always be here to offer advice and support along the way.

EOS Model Icon

EOS Model

The EOS Model helps to segment your business into 6 key components which simplify the way we run our business and sets the context for becoming a great company.

EOS Process Toolbox

EOS Toolbox

The EOS Toolbox contains a complete set of simple tools you can use to strengthen each component of your business. Your implementer will help you master these tools.

Don’t waste another minute discussing issues that will never be solved, picking up dropped balls and working harder than you need to. Start getting what you want from your business and your life today. 

Contact Rainee for a complimentary 90-minute meeting to see how EOS can transform your business, give you peace of mind and enable you to take a much-needed long vacation!

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    • After 27 years of business, a down-turn in the economy, and a new management team, adopting EOS was exactly what we needed at Brogan & Partners. Through the process, we have expedited our decision making, enabling us to get far more done in a shorter period of time. Simply, the process has helped us make the hard decisions that are right for our business. Not only has EOS helped us uncover our true culture; it has helped our company live by those values. Brogan & Partners is stronger, the management team is more accountable, and we are seeing the results with an influx of new clients, more income, and a better bottom line.

      Ellyn Davidson
      Ellyn Davidson
      Borgan & Partners
    • Dietz Property Group (DPG) has been implementing EOS or just over two years coming out of the Great Recession. During this period, we grew 44% by picking up six new third-party engagements and acquiring three new properties, after being stagnant for a couple of years. EOS has also helped position us for future growth. We are a much stronger, clearer, simpler, cohesive organization than before we started with EOS.

      Brian Dietz
      Brian Dietz
      Dietz Property Company
    • Our Implementer has helped us learn and implement EOS, a single operating system, for our 35 year old, 40 person professional services firm. The results are impressive; using one system allows us to spread it and teach it to all our employees over time and it continues to gain traction. One system keeps it simple and efficient. Our Implementer’s energy and passion make it fun! I am also a Vistage member and find EOS to be extremely complimentary with Vistage’s focus on best practices within every area of a company and its leaders. We gain value from both of these investments and I would encourage others to explore working with an Implementer and evaluating the power of adopting EOS as their one operating system.

      Lori Gordon
      Lori Gordon
      MandMarblestone, LLC
    • These tools have been an invaluable resource for Zoup! Our company has flourished, growing from five locations to just under 50 open and awarded. In addition to traction and accountability, these concepts have helped us create a strong, healthy, and skilled leadership team with clarity around the company’s vision and each member’s contribution to that vision. It has helped us clarify roles for the team and also for franchisees.

      Eric Ersher
      Eric Ersher
      ZOUP! Fresh Soup Company
    • I embraced the EOS system nearly two years ago and I can say that this is one of the best business decisions I have made. It has taken my somewhat shaky company and has transformed it into a well-oiled machine. Furthermore and almost more importantly our profits have soared, up 45% all because of our adherence to The EOS Model. My executive team members are now on the same page as everyone is working to achieving their personal rocks while ultimately achieving our company goals. I cannot say enough about the genius behind EOS and actively pass on the word, just not to my competitors.

      Dr. Michael E. Graham
      Dr. Michael E. Graham