Rainee Busby Debuts Fusion V Radio!

Written by: Rainee Busby
08 Jan 2015

Starting this January, Rainee will be sharing her years of experience with people looking to enhance the way they utilize their talent. Join her every Sunday @1pm on Talk Radio 1370 AM. Joining the ranks of some of talk radio’s most infamous voices (Dave Ramsey, Laura Ingraham, and Dennis Miller to name a few), she’ll be tackling issues from listeners every week and helping them solve their talent management woes.

In fact, she has built her own suite of services to help eliminate the pain many business owners and leaders are currently experiencing with

  • Attracting and retaining millennial talent
  • Knowledge transfer between generations
  • Employee engagement resulting in high performance
  • Reliable people data to back up critical decision making

and much more! Fusion V Systems is unique in its approach because of its foundational component – Fusion V Fuel50 Career Pathing Tool.

Fusion V Fuel50

Increase Engagement. Accelerate Productivity. Reduce Turnover

Fuel50 is an interactive, cloud-based, employee self-service career pathing tool that will help you retain your talent by driving career clarity and engagement. With a complete set of FuelFactor exercises designed to challenge your employees to think differently about taking charge of their careers and support your leaders to deliver better quality conversations, your organization will be armed and ready to fuel careers, ignite passion, and accelerate growth.

Unlike other software, Fuel50 is supported by training, workshops, and bootcamps that will empower your managers to have meaningful career conversations with their people, as well as enable your employees to take accountability for their career growth.

To learn more about Fusion V solutions, such as Fusion V HR, a cloud-based HR solution, contact us here!

Fusion V HR

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your HR needs – compliance, tools, templates, training, expert and updated information – could be satisfied by one online solution?

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Fusion V Systems

Your Complete People Strategy Solution: Leverage targeted career paths to optimize and develop talent in order to fulfill current and future workforce needs

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With over 20 years of experience with

  • Extensive Talent Management Software selection and implementation
  • Change Management
  • People Strategy Planning Methodology
  • Human Capital Integrated Succession Planning

Rainee’s ready to help you optimize your talent to change your game!



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