Working with Rainee

When I was first introduced to Traction, I read the book and thought it was insightful. A few months later, I re-read the book and realized it was essential. As a Vistage Chair, I now require any member who is applying to be part of my Business Owners group to read the book before becoming a group member. Of course, having a relationship with a trusted EOS implementer is absolutely critical to ensuring a successful implementation. I emphasize the word trusted! Rainee is that person. I have complete faith in Rainee as she always maintains a high level of professionalism and dedication to the client. She is one of the very people that actually follows up and follows through every time. Rainee’s zest for life is contagious, and her enthusiasm for business makes the nuts and bolts exciting. Rainee is a doer, and a motivator. She cares deeply for her clients which is why she has made her professional mark as a good and kind person, widely respected and much admired. Rainee has stature and presence. I always recommend with the highest degree of enthusiasm.

– Ken Proctor, Vistage Chair and Business Coach


As a Human Resources and Risk Management Professional with 25 years of experience, I was not looking for a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to Performance Management and Talent Management. I wanted an independent, outside perspective to objectively assess our organization and provide feedback that I could trust. I engaged Rainee Busby because of Rainee’s ability to accurately evaluate an organization’s strategy and its culture, and provide candid feedback on our Performance Management and Succession Planning processes. Rainee took the time to engage the management team, reviewed our strategic objectives, and helped us to be more effective at identifying our talent gaps, and where we needed to be. Rainee’s assistance with our selection of a Performance Management System was invaluable. She also helped us establish competencies by job function, so that we could measure individual performance and align individual goals with our strategic initiatives. If you are looking for a candid, highly effective business partner who has proven success in Performance Management, Talent Management, Workforce Planning, and Succession Planning…look no further than Rainee.

– Rick Morrow, Vice-President, Manufacturer and Designer of Steel Buildings and Building Components


EOS® Testimonials

Working with Rainee and going through The EOS Process process has already made an impact to our company. Even though we are just getting started I can see a significant difference already in how we are coming together as a team and learning to work together towards a common goal. Being a nonprofit started by a mother of a child with a disability we started with little to no experience in putting the framework of a business together.

For the last fifteen years we have had significant growth and typical crisis periods that most companies experience in their initial development. But we have never known how to put the real foundation down which is necessary to break through to that next level. EOS is the operating system that will help us get there and I have full faith Rainee is the one who can guide us through it. I can’t say enough to anyone who has their own business that this is what you need to be doing to get what you want from your business. Read the book (Traction – Get a Grip on Your Business) to get a full understanding. Then hire Rainee to get you started. I guarantee you will love the results.

– Kimberly Brusatori, The Village Learning Center


Working with Rainee Busby and EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) has been invaluable in improving communication and accountability within our organization. It helps me prioritize and outline matters that need my attention so I can ensure I focus on the most important items that require my skills to solve. EOS has really brought a high level of consistency in how we operate and deliver services.

Our professional implementer, Rainee Busby, is patient but persistent; she knows when to push and when to comfort.
Working with her has been just awesome. Using a professional implementer brings the focus that is missing with a self-implementation approach to EOS. Learning how to use the EOS model is one challenge but the real magic is when the leadership team comes together as a healthy collaborative team. That’s the real value. We are all focused on what’s best for the organization and not our individual or department needs.

I’d happily and enthusiastically recommend Rainee and EOS to anyone who truly wants to take their organization to the next level. In our business as a non-profit, we change the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. Rainee and EOS aligns perfectly with our mission as she changes our lives as well.

– Marcus Denman, Executive Director, The Village Learning Center


The benefit Suntech and I have received from the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) experience is so far-reaching it’s difficult to adequately describe. That said, greatly improved communication is the most evident benefit as we struggled to keep our 3 locations in sync with one another. We now have a great framework to reveal and solve all our issues and opportunities with the EOS system. While the financial metrics have yet to catch up with our organization’s improvement under the EOS system for a variety of reasons, I know they will – in big way.

On the personal side, EOS makes business more enjoyable, logical and streamlined. As a family-owned business it’s hard to separate the two. Clarity in communication and a united vision has been instrumental in keeping us all aligned and heading in the same direction.

When we decided to implement EOS there was never a question whether we would engage a professional implementer – we needed that, straight up. I represent second-generation ownership/management. While I believe I am well suited to be an integrator, our professional implementer, Rainee Busby, did a great job changing some very important components of our company. If we had to do it over again, we’d hire Rainee. Rainee is warm, smart and helpful; she’s earned her keep and then some. I’d happily and enthusiastically recommend Rainee and EOS to anyone who truly wants to take their business to the next level.

– Brad Larson, Executive VP and COO, Integrator, Suntech Building Systems, Inc.


We’ve been working with Rainee for 7 months now – 4 full-day sessions and some phone support – and the changes in our business are making a huge difference in how we work together and deliver to our customers. When we started implementing EOS with Rainee we were growing at a steady rate while working so much harder than we needed to. Communication was challenging and just trying to stay on top of everything was very frustrating and exhausting. In the construction business communication and timing is everything.

Our team has really started taking off. We made some people changes that were necessary and that we probably wouldn’t have made if it weren’t for Rainee encouraging us to make the tough decisions; boy, are we glad we did. Our culture and brand is so much stronger because of it.

We continue to make better hires and our communication is at an all-time high. We still have a few hurdles to overcome but feel we are on our way to becoming a much more profitable and well-running company. Thank you Rainee for all the work you have done to make this happen. You truly have changed our business and our lives for the better.

– Mike Newhouse, President and Visionary, HMGC Construction


Using EOS and Rainee as our Implementer has helped my department obtain clarity on the company goals and priorities while staying focused on what will help the company move forward. My area now has metrics and goals and before EOS it was easy to get lost. It has definitely helped with accountability plus has helped our leadership team become better leaders.

Using an Implementer such as Rainee prevents us from getting pulled down by the human emotion side. Rainee stays neutral and focuses on the facts and where we need to be. Rainee is a professional, very knowledgeable about EOS, and is very patient. She asks great questions to make you think and is very resourceful. I love her connections to other professionals when we need them. She has a sincere heart and is very talented in many areas. It has been a pleasure working with her.

– HR Manager, Specialty Manufacturing Company, TX

Other EOS Testimonials

EOS was the catalyst for one of the most remarkable changes in my company. My Leadership Team has integrated the EOS tools into our everyday work habits. Our vision is clear, strategies are well executed and communicated to all. EOS taught my Leadership Team how to plan, act and communicate in a system that is easy for all to adopt and follow. Within the first year of integrating EOS, my company was able to achieve a record revenue growth of 87% over the prior year.

– Randy Pruitt, Randall Industries, Inc.


The EOS Proccess has allowed our management team to grow more trusting of each other, be more efficient and navigate through tough issues quickly. It has been less than a year since we have rolled it out to all of our team members. They are enthusiastic about the changes that have been brought forth. I have entrusted this journey to the point that I am taking a two-month sabbatical. Without the growth over the last 18 months of the organization, I know this decision would never have been made possible!

– Sean Ross, PackSmart, Inc.

I had a well-run, profitable and growing business before we implemented EOS. Today, a year after implementation, we have supercharged the business. We now have clarity of responsibilities, problem-solving frameworks and the growth has been explosive… thank you for giving us the framework to really take off.

– Bob Verdun, Computerized Facility Integration, LLC (CFI)

Five years ago we ended the year at $5,000,000 in revenue and a 3% net loss. Things weren’t awful, but we definitely wanted to do better, so we implemented EOS. It felt a little awkward at first, but as we began to master the system, things became simpler and everything began to work better. As a result, we ended the next year at $7,500,000 with a 6% net profit! The whole leadership team is so much more confident about the future now, and we’ve never been so unified as a team. I guess the big WOW! in all of this is knowing that our dreams are attainable. We’re on pace to close out this year at $18,000,000 with a nice profit. EOS works.

– Steve Spiech, Spiech Farms

The EOS tools work. They really help us stay consistent and focused on our vision. The principles have helped me build a solid leadership team, crystallize our plan, and create the discipline to take the organization to the next level.

– Sam Simon, Atlas Oil Company

After 27 years of business, a down-turn in the economy, and a new management team, adopting EOS was exactly what we needed at Brogan & Partners. Through the process, we have expedited our decision making, enabling us to get far more done in a shorter period of time. Simply, the process has helped us make the hard decisions that are right for our business. Not only has EOS helped us uncover our true culture; it has helped our company live by those values. Brogan & Partners is stronger, the management team is more accountable, and we are seeing the results with an influx of new clients, more income, and a better bottom line.

– Ellyn Davidson, Brogan & Partners

Dietz Property Group (DPG) has been implementing EOS for just over two years coming out of the Great Recession. During this period, we grew 44% by picking up six new third-party engagements and acquiring three new properties, after being stagnant for a couple of years. EOS has also helped position us for future growth. We are a much stronger, clearer, simpler, cohesive organization than before we started with EOS.

– Brian Dietz, Dietz Property Company

Our Implementer has helped us learn and implement EOS, a single operating system, for our 35-year old, 40-person professional services firm. The results are impressive; using one system allows us to spread it and teach it to all our employees over time and it continues to gain traction. One system keeps it simple and efficient. Our Implementer’s energy and passion make it fun!

I am also a Vistage member and find EOS to be extremely complimentary with Vistage’s focus on best practices within every area of a company and its leaders. We gain value from both of these investments and I would encourage others to explore working with an Implementer and evaluating the power of adopting EOS as their one operating system.

– Lori Gordon, MandMarblestone, LLC

These tools have been an invaluable resource for Zoup! Our company has flourished, growing from five locations to just under 50 open and awarded. In addition to traction and accountability, these concepts have helped us create a strong, healthy, and skilled leadership team with clarity around the company’s vision and each member’s contribution to that vision. It has helped us clarify roles for the team and also for franchisees.

– Eric Ersher, ZOUP! Fresh Soup Company

I embraced the EOS system nearly two years ago and I can say that this is one of the best business decisions I have made. It has taken my somewhat shaky company and has transformed it into a well-oiled machine. Furthermore and almost more importantly our profits have soared, up 45% all because of our adherence to The EOS Model. My executive team members are now on the same page as everyone is working to achieving their personal rocks while ultimately achieving our company goals. I cannot say enough about the genius behind EOS and actively pass on the word, just not to my competitors.

– Dr. Michael E. Graham, GraMedica

EOS has done a remarkable job for me as a business leader, as a person, and for our company. It has improved my business and my life dramatically. I am having more fun, and my sales and profits have increased by 50 percent over the past three years. The EOS Process takes one’s vision and sets up systems to make it a reality. I would recommend The EOS Process to any organizations that are ready to go to the next level and to hold themselves accountable to achieve everything that they knew they could.

– Bob Shenefelt, RCS International

I don’t think PowerObjects was unusual when we came into the EOS world. We had been around for 15 years and had an ongoing issue of bouncing off a revenue ceiling that we couldn’t get past. We read Traction and made an effort to implement EOS on our own. Feeling we weren’t giving EOS the attention and follow-through it deserved, we agreed to schedule a 90-Minute Meeting with a local EOS Implementer.

The meeting was great – we learned more about EOS and began to understand the value of an EOS Implementer. Our subsequent decision to hire the Implementer to help us “master” EOS has been the key to making this work. In just over two months we’ve gained a much clearer vision of what has been stopping us from reaching our goals and started moving ahead. The EOS Process has forced us to make some tough decisions about our business. We are now completely focused on Microsoft CRM and have rolled off the other pieces that were distracting us from our true core focus. EOS has given us the tools we need to quickly and effectively analyze our organization and our people. It’s given us the ability to see exactly what needs to be done to reach our goals and the discipline to do it.

Implementing weekly Level 10 Meetings has made us more productive and our meetings are worth the time of the people attending. As a result it now takes us just 90 minutes each week to accomplish more than we used to be able to get done in months of discussions. We spend most of that meeting time solving problems and removing obstacles – really getting to the core of the issue, resolving it, and moving on. We have just rolled EOS out company-wide and I’m already seeing changes I know will drive to the bottom line. Thanks for paving a road that is getting more exciting to drive on daily!

– Jim Sheehan, PowerObjects