Collection of FAQs from the Refresher/Introductory Webinar
EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)


You talked about the 2 meetings per year and the peer advisory groups, will there be monthly calls to help us keep on track?

AnswerYes, we can do monthly calls. RCP-01 (our group of owners that has the Conklins, Jeff Miller, etc.) started out with monthly calls and by the 2nd year they realized people did not participate as much. What we are going to do is see how the WhatsApp group goes which enables everyone to chat back and forth in one place. Should your group decide they want to schedule a monthly call, we are more than happy to help you establish one.


How does WhatsApp work?

Answer: It’s an app on your phone. It’s a private chat room and the only people that will be in that chat room will be members of your group. Similar to texting but people can specifically respond to individual questions posed by a member for all to see.


How does the EOS operating system compare to other operating systems such as EMyth?

Answer: EMyth is not an operating system but rather a business concept that is baked into the EOS model. When Gino Wickman—the creator of the EOS model—first put this model together, he pulled information from thought leaders such as Jim Collins, Dan Sullivan, Patrick Lencioni and many others. You will notice concepts such as taking a business from “Good to Great” and “Getting the Right People on the Bus and Putting Them in the Right Seat” are all integrated into this EOS tool in a way that’s simple to understand and leverage.

There are many other business operating systems available such as The Rockefeller Method, Gazelle, and The Great Game of Business to name a few. What I have found is that they are complex and not as compatible for small to mid-size businesses. That’s one of the best things about EOS—it’s targeted to small businesses while also very effective in large businesses too. My largest client is $100 million in revenue. The model helped them to grow even when the economy was challenging.


Will we receive templates to help us put into place these processes and procedures with the EOS Operating System?

Answer: We will provide you with all the templates you need to fully leverage the EOS system. We will guide you through documenting processes and other key pieces with examples and sharing of best practices too.


How soon can we expect the next courses in the series and the peer advisory groups to be set up? A general timeframe for the implementation on both based on people who are interested.

Answer: We want to ensure we have everything in place before launching the next workshop course. We are moving as fast as we can. Due to the desire to set up regional Peer Advisory Groups, we need more people from the same areas to join a Peer Advisory Group. We would like to start with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 companies in each group.

We are working with Signworld to plan a launch in August. Make sure to keep an eye out on the Signworld Calendar, all future scheduled dates will be posted there. We will also be sending out email campaigns notifying you of the next scheduled workshop dates.


Can my Master Mind Group become a Peer Advisory Group?

Answer: Absolutely!!! If you are a member of a Master Mind Group and your group is interested in converting to a Peer Advisory Group, we can get you started right away. The program is already developed and ready to go. Please reach out to me directly to discuss the details. Feel free to email me at

The main reason we are recommending a regional group is to make it within driving distance. As long as you don’t mind flying (my original Peer Advisory Group (RCP-01) members are all over the country) and we have the right number of members (6 to 8), we can launch.


Can my Master Mind Group be one even if we are not in the same region as one another?

Answer: Yes, you can! It is completely up to you and your group to choose the best option. Since you already know each other and enjoy working together a Master Mind Group, converting to a Peer Advisory Group would be the best route to take. RCP-01 is not regional at all and they have been working together now for over 2 years. As long as everyone is on board to jump on a flight to another owner’s shop two times a year. A little extra cost but worth it to leverage your existing relationships.

We just need to ensure we have between 6 and 8 companies. We can work with smaller groups which will be a little bit more expensive since the investment is split between the members. Happy to discuss in detail – email me at


Can we have the 3 different options—Peer Advisory Group, Do it Yourself (self-implementation) and the Using an EOS Implementer—sent to us to discuss?

Answer: We will send the option detail slides to each attendee for further review and discussion with any other decision makers in your organization. Feel free to share this information with your Master Mind Group and encourage them to attend the Refresher/Introductory webinar to learn more. If they did not get an email invite from us yet, please let us know and we can send them one right away.


Can we learn and implement EOS quickly “fast track” like people can with you, with the peer group option?

Answer: The Peer Advisory Group enables you to leverage a professional EOS Implementer, such as Rainee, in a group setting. You will learn how to use the EOS tools a little slower when compared to using an EOS Implementer for just your business. The benefit is that you share the cost with the other members plus you get to take advantage of learning from each other as you go through the process. We also hold sign specific business conversations to help with general operations.


Can you reach out to us all individually after this and discuss best route for us?

Answer: Yes, Rainee will be following up with each person who attended the webinar to answer any specific questions they may have. We send out a survey following the webinar which is helpful in defining how best to help each business.


How well would each option work with a team of two?

Answer: The EOS tools work great for small teams – Rainee uses the EOS tools to fun her practice of 2 people. It really comes down to what you want to do with your business. Do you plan to grow and want to move quickly? If so, a Peer Advisory Group is your best option. If you just want to stabilize your business and maintain what you have then the individual workshops will help you to understand the tools and how to start using the ones you want. The workshops are great for newer businesses or those with a limited budget to leverage.