Who is Rainee Busby?

Written by: Rainee Busby
13 Jan 2015

Who is Rainee Busby and why should you be listening to her?

Well, if you’re looking for a greener lawn, retirement investment tips, or the correct ignition timing on a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air (with a 327 cubic-inch engine and four-barrel carburetor) you’ve come to the wrong place. But, if you’re an employer, leader/manager or an employee in need of expert advice from a veteran business strategist with over 25 years experience in information technology (IT), business and talent management with a proven track record for everything from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies…

…your search just ended.

Entrepreneur, Workforce Optimizer, Technologist, & People Strategy Expert

Rainee has spent a majority of her career managing change, resolving challenges, and executing strategic initiatives. As the years passed, the glaring need for better, more effective talent management practices became evident to her. There seemed to be a huge gap in the market for services with the experience and expertise she could offer; so, Rainee formed RaineeBusby.com, a People Strategy firm that quickly identifies and defines an organization’s people issues and tackles them head on.

Rainee has developed her own proprietary methodology to handle the various pain points her clients have. Known as Fusion V, her unique suite of services does what other solutions in the industry can’t – affect real, lasting change for the better. 

Though she has been able to create change inside many organizations and among her peers, Rainee felt it was time to expand her reach and share her knowledge with a broader audience. After all, knowledge is power, and as Uncle Ben has taught us all, with great power comes great responsibility.

What’s included in Fusion V?

  • Succession Planning – How to mitigate risk before people retire or leave
  • Talent Development – How to target development to drive career growth
  • Career Planning – How to grow employees quickly and efficiently
  • Workforce Planning – Plan for future employee and skill needs
  • Transitional Strategies – How to navigate through workforce and cultural changes
  • People Optimization – How to put the right talent in the most important jobs
  • Management Metrics – What data do you need to effectively track workforce effectiveness?

And much, much more.

Contact us today and let Rainee Busby and her team of experts take the pain out of your current and future employment challenges!


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